Aragon Design Code

In addition to designing the neighborhood plan, Architectural Affairs also designed and authored the Aragon Design Code, which outlines the overall philosophy behind the design of Aragon and establishes a framework within which buildings may be designed. The Aragon Design Code (ADC ) begins with an overview of the Traditional Neighborhood Development concept, how the Aragon concept fits within the downtown Pensacola environment, a description of how to use the ADC, and a list of definitions of terms commonly found within the ADC. The Architectural Styles portion outlines and provides detailed descriptions of the five approved architectural styles which are common to the downtown Pensacola area. The Architectural Regulations outline the specific regulations unique to each of the styles for the basic building components including exterior materials, roof pitches, door and window patterns, signage, and any characteristic details. The Landscape Requirements outline the overall cottage-style approach to the Aragon landscape and provides a list of approved plant species. The Urban Regulations outline the six building types, based upon lot location, and the regulations associated with each type including permitted uses, heights, parking, setbacks, and architectural elements. The six building types are Townhouse, Cottage, Park House, Sideyard House, Small Cottage, and Rowhouse. The final two sections are an outline of the Architectural Review Process and a compilation of all the required application forms.